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Scriptzoloffers thbest Airbnb clonefor entrepreneurs to start a hassle-free online business with bug-free products. Developed by highly skilled techies with hands-on coding experience and a passion for producing high-end products, Rentalzol bridges the gap between guests and users, ensuring a smooth working commission for the business owner. Plus, Rentalzol is fully customizable for various rental businesses.

Hussle-Free User Experience
Advance reusable UI component used in our script which makes the website more user-friendly and improves speed.

Latest Technologies
We are passionate about technology! Yes this makes us try new technologies which give better results. React, Express.js, and GraphQL – this makes us launch the script instantly in the market.

Multiple Payment Methods
We use popular payment methods and currencies in our script. This helps to launch your business in multiple locations.

Free Server Installation
We do free installation on your server once the purchase process is completed. Without any issues we move your script to live.

Free App Submission
We are responsible for submitting both iOS and android scripts in their respective stores. Within a day or two, you can attract mobile users!

Free Support
We provide free support for the duration which is mentioned in your purchased list. Both technical & bug support is provided based on need.

Free White Labeling
We always help you to stand unique in the market with the script you own. So its our responsibility to make white labeling for the product you buy from us.

Native iOS & Android Apps
With highly experienced developers, we built native apps to customize based on needs easily by the coding’s we made.

100% Customizable
We will give you the complete source code. You can easily customize the product based on your needs.

Bug Free Code
Our script is scripted by highly skilled developers and we assure that there are no bugs in the code.

  1. Simple SignIn / Register Option
    In the modern era of travel and hospitality, ease and convenience have become paramount for guests. A simple sign-in/register option is crucial to ensure a seamless booking experience.
  2. Guest Profile Management
    By creating a profile of their own, users enjoy a hassle-free reservation process, guests can save valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on planning the enjoyable aspects of their trip.
  3. Advanced Search Filters
    One of the key features guests seek when booking accommodation is advanced search filters. These filters, such as date and location preference, price range, nearby destination search, and nearby hotels, enable guests to fine-tune their search, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their needs.
  4. Multiple Payment Methods
    To cater to the diverse preferences of guests, offering multiple payment methods is essential. By providing flexibility in payment options, guests can choose the method that suits them best, increasing customer satisfaction.
  5. Guest Check in & Check out Options
    Once the guest arrives at their chosen destination, seamless check-in and check-out options should be in place. Easy and efficient check-in/check-out processes contribute to a positive guest experience, leaving them with a lasting impression.
  6. Guest Reviews & Rating Management
    To ensure transparency and reliability, managing guest reviews and ratings is vital. Guest feedback plays a crucial role in establishing credibility and helping future guests make informed decisions. By actively managing reviews and ratings, accommodation providers can continuously improve and create a welcoming environment for guests.
  1. Host sign
    Our hotel reservation script offers an all-encompassing platform for hosts to seamlessly manage and enhance their guests’ experiences. Hosts can sign in and register their id.
  2. Host Profile Management
    With our intuitive host sign-up process, hosts can swiftly create a personalized profile, showcasing their expertise and establishing trust with potential guests.
  3. Add Hotel
    Adding hotels to our system is a breeze, allowing hosts to effortlessly expand their property portfolio while ensuring efficient management of each establishment in a centralized location.
  4. Payment for adding Hotel
    Simplified payment options facilitate hassle-free hotel additions, guaranteeing swift and secure transactions.
  5. Manage the Hotel Details
    Hosts have complete control over the intricate details of their hotels, enabling them to effortlessly update information such as room availability, amenities offered, and pricing plans.
  6. Reservation Management
    Our robust reservation management system streamlines the booking process for both hosts and guests alike by providing real-time updates on room availability and facilitating seamless communication between the parties involved.
  7. Hotel Payment Management
    Payment management features ensure prompt guest payments are received without any complications or delays.
  8. Guest Reservation
    Tracking To provide exceptional service throughout the guest’s stay journey, our script offers comprehensive tracking capabilities that allow hosts to monitor reservations from confirmation through check-out stages efficiently.
  9. Hotel Reviews & Ratings Management
    Furthermore, thorough hotel reviews and ratings management tools enable accurate feedback collection from guests; empowering future visitors with reliable insights while also fostering continuous improvement opportunities for hosts aiming towards excellence in customer satisfaction standards.
  1. Host Verification
    The hotel reservation script is a comprehensive and innovative tool designed to streamline the entire process of managing reservations for hotels. With its host verification feature, it ensures that all hosts are trustworthy and reliable, giving guests peace of mind during their stay.
  2. Commission Management
    The commission management functionality allows hotels to effortlessly calculate and manage commissions earned from bookings, making financial transactions seamless and transparent.
  3. Payment Management
    Additionally, the payment management module enables secure online payments, eliminating any concerns about fraud or data breaches.
  4. Hotel Verification
    The hotel verification feature ensures that only verified properties are listed on the platform, guaranteeing high-quality accommodations for guests.
  5. Booking & Hotel Management
    This comprehensive hotel reservation script is an indispensable asset for hotels seeking a streamlined approach towards managing their bookings for hotels effectively across borders
  6. Multi-Language Management
    With multi-language support, this script caters to a diverse range of customers worldwide by providing translations in various languages.
  7. Dashboard Management
    The dashboard management system offers extensive control over user and reservation management as well as easy access to FAQs and booking history for quick reference. It also provides efficient customer relationship management tools along with ratings and reviews management features to enhance guest satisfaction levels further.

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