Steps To Check FASTag Balance With Vehicle Number

FASTag is an advanced payment system to pay charges at toll plazas. Whenever you cross a toll booth, an RFID scanner at the toll plaza scans a magnetic sticker affixed on your windscreen and deducts the toll tax from its balance. Since the Indian government has made a FASTag mandatory for all four-wheelers crossing toll booths, almost all vehicles have the magnetic sticker on their windscreen.

While most vehicle owners know how to purchase and recharge a FASTag, many don’t know how to check balance in FASTag.

In this post, you will get to know more about checking the FASTag balance in different ways.

How Does FASTag Work?

Every vehicle must pay toll tax at a toll plaza before entering a national/state highway. However, traffic congestion and long queues used to be a big problem due to cash payments at these points. The primary objective of introducing FASTag is to allow cashless payments at toll plazas, making the process much easier and faster. Therefore, FASTag is an online payment facility using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology to pay toll taxes. It enables automatic toll deduction as a four-wheeler crosses a toll plaza.

The technology saves you from waiting in long queues when crossing a toll booth. You can cross the FASTag lane without stopping, as the RFID reader scans a magnetic sticker on your windscreen and automatically deducts the applicable toll tax.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Check Balance in FASTag

FASTag users can check their balance through various modes, including SMS, online, mobile app, and customer care helpline. Let’s examine the step-by-step process for each method.

  1. How to Check Balance in FASTag on the Website:

The Indian government has authorised several banks where you can purchase, recharge, and check your FASTag balance. Here is how to check the balance in FASTag on the website:

  • Visit your bank’s website.
  • Open the FASTag section and login with your vehicle number and other credentials.
  • Click the ‘View Balance’ option.

  1. How to Check Balance in FASTag on Mobile Application:
  • Download and log in to your bank’s mobile app.
  • Open the FASTag section.
  • Enter the necessary credentials.
  • View the balance available in your FASTag wallet.

  1. SMS Alert for Each Toll Deduction:

Once you activate the FASTag service, you receive an SMS update each time you cross a toll and pay the charge. The SMS will indicate the deduction amount along with the remaining balance.

  1. How to Check Balance in FASTag Through Customer Care Helpline:

Give a missed call to the FASTag customer care helpline of your bank. For instance, the customer care helpline for ICICI Bank is 8010928888. You can also SMS ETCBAL <Vehicle Registration Number> to 5676766. Complete details about the toll payments and the remaining balance will appear on the screen.

  1. How to Check Balance in FASTag with Vehicle Number:

Follow these steps to learn how to check the FASTag balance with the vehicle number:

  • Visit the official website of the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) or your FASTag issuer.
  • Click on the button to check your FASTag balance or history.
  • Enter the vehicle number linked to your FASTag account on the transaction history or balance check page.
  • Click ‘Check balance’ or ‘View transaction history’.
  • Your current FASTag balance will instantly appear on your screen, including the past toll payments and recharge history.

  1. How to Check Balance in FASTag through Email

Similar to checking the balance through SMS, the NHAI also sends emails to the registered email address each time you cross a toll plaza after paying the toll tax. Follow these steps to check your FASTag balance through email:

  • Open your registered email account.
  • Search for the last FASTag deduction email.
  • The email will give details about the previous toll deduction and the remaining balance.

Advantages of Learning How to Check Balance in FASTag Online

In the modern world, technology has drastically changed our lifestyles and how we perform daily tasks. For instance, internet technology has made everything more convenient, whether we want to navigate Google Maps, check FASTag balance, or check location when travelling. Here are the top advantages of learning how to check your balance in FASTag online:

  • Transparency: You can check your FASTag balance online and view accurate information about your deductions, toll charges, and remaining balance. Accordingly, you can monitor your expenses and recharge the FASTag as needed.
  • Convenience: The online balance check feature eliminates the need to visit a toll plaza or customer care centre to check your balance or recharge the FASTag. Now, you can log in to your account from anywhere and check your balance with your vehicle number. The facility saves a lot of time and effort, allowing easy account maintenance without hassles.
  • Easy and Timely Recharge from Anywhere: It is one of the key advantages of learning how to check your balance in FASTag online. With regular tracking of the FASTag account, you can recharge the wallet in time without waiting in queues at toll plazas. Moreover, you can recharge it using your preferred payment method, including UPI, debit card, credit card, net banking, e-wallet, etc.

Over the last few years, the number of cars on Indian roads has steadily increased, leading to a lot of pollution and traffic congestion. The introduction of FASTag has revolutionised the way toll payments are made in India, reducing congestion and making travel more efficient. With multiple methods available to check your balance, including online portals, mobile apps, SMS alerts, customer care helplines, vehicle numbers, and email notifications, vehicle owners can easily stay informed about their FASTag account status.

Embracing these technologies offers convenience and transparency and ensures timely recharges and uninterrupted travel. By utilising these resources, drivers can fully leverage the benefits of FASTag, making their journeys smoother and hassle-free. Learn how to check balance in FASTag using any of the above methods and recharge in time to avoid hassle at toll plazas.

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