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Water Purification Filter Repair Service

A filter can guarantee high-quality water purification from a water supply system or a well only if you constantly check its functionality, adjust the modes, promptly regenerate or replace the load, perform repairs, and replace units. 

Due to the complexity of water purification equipment, filter repair work should only be carried out by qualified employees of specialized companies. They know the repair technology provided by the manufacturer and have extensive experience in this area. In addition, when contacting RO Service in Patna, you can be sure that they use the recommended loads and parts of the devices for replacement. 

Self-intervention in the operation of the device can lead to more serious breakdowns and the need for expensive repairs. 

Why is it necessary to repair the filter promptly?

It is necessary to eliminate the filter malfunction immediately after its detection. Otherwise, negative consequences may occur:

  • The appearance of more severe breakdowns that require lengthy and expensive repairs;
  • Contaminants entering food or drinking water which negatively affect the health of the consumer;
  • Failure of plumbing fixtures and household appliances due to solid particles getting into them;
  • Loss of cleaning properties by the load due to untimely regeneration and backwashing. 

Filter repair procedure

Repair of filter equipment is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Diagnostics and determination of the causes of the malfunction. A specialist goes to the site, checks the device, selects a repair method, and lists necessary spare parts and consumables. 
  2. We are carrying out repairs to thewater dispenser repair near me. The malfunction is eliminated in full compliance with the procedure established by the device manufacturer. Qualified intervention in the operation of filters does not cancel the warranty. A warranty is also issued for the installed consumables. 
  3. Testing and calibration. After repair, the specialist checks the operation of the automatic valve and calibrates the actuators to the new operating parameters.
  4. Cleaning the device. In addition to troubleshooting and replacing the loads, the service company employee removes contaminants from the internal surfaces of the filter, pipelines, valves, and shut-off valves. 
  5. Replacement of defective elements. If the employee discovers faults in other units and parts during the device’s repair, he will replace them. Also, worn-out components that will soon fail are replaced. This reduces overall maintenance costs and increases the reliability of the water treatment system. 
  6. Laboratory water analysis. At the consumer’s request, water samples are taken from the tap and tested in the laboratory. This confirms the filter’s performance and efficiency or the need to make changes to the water treatment system. 

Filter maintenance and service

It is possible to guarantee the filter’s functionality for a long time without an emergency stop if you constantly monitor its operating parameters and perform preventive maintenance. For this purpose, it is recommended that subscription agreements be entered into with companies that provide this service. 

This approach provides the following advantages:

  • Continuous operation of filters without breakdowns and long stops for repairs is guaranteed;
  • The cost of maintenance is reduced compared to urgent repairs;
  • It becomes possible to adjust the operation of devices depending on seasonal fluctuations in the physical and biological composition of water;
  • It is possible to order a specialist to visit you at a time convenient for the consumer without emergency calls;
  • With subscription service, one specialist is assigned to the facility, who is familiar with the nuances of a specific cleaning system.

Where to apply

Do you want to fix a filter malfunction or adjust its modes? Replace the filter after its expiration date. Expand the water treatment system to improve the quality of filtration. Contact RO Service Jabalpur managers for help by phone, via the feedback form, or by email.

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