Top 20 Best New Features in Revit 2024

Autodesk Revit is a BIM or building information modeling software designed for architects, engineers, and constructors to streamline their projects. This brilliant software includes the following beneficial features:

  • It can design 3D shapes, structures, and systems with precision and accuracy.
  • This tool can streamline your projects by providing plan revisions, schedules, sections, sheets, and 3D visuals.
  • With this tool, multidisciplinary project professionals can unite and collaborate for enhanced efficiency and increased workflow.

Revit Autodesk has revolutionized its software by fixing dozens of issues that users faced earlier in addition to introducing some new amazing features. in this article, we will explore the latest features of Revit software in 2024.

The Latest features in Autodesk Revit:

  1. A new Dynamo 2.13:

The Generative Design and Dynamo Player have got new and improved looks with several changes in their user interface, such as sliders, numeric input boxes, a much direct product support, along with extended menu explanations.

Autodesk Revit Dynamo 2.13 is revamped with improved Groups and includes a new option to enable monitor, organize, and pin nodes or graphs.

2.Filter by Sheet:

Revit 2024 comes up with a new feature called Filter by Sheet, which can be found on the filter menu of the schedule’s drop-down panel. With the filter-by-sheet function, the views on a sheet that only show doors from a certain level will have a schedule that only shows doors; it will not affect the main schedule of the project. By enabling this function, users can reduce the number of times their project schedules are duplicated.

3.New icons are introduced for views on sheets:

Whenever a view is introduced into the sheet, a blue color square appears in the icon. If there are unplaced views, a blank grey color square appears.

4.New Dynamo Player:

Selection of a script now requires input before execution. Users can view the script’s author, short description, and website showing instructions. Moreover, the script that is open in Dynamo can now be executed in Player.

5.3D view on measuring tool:

A new 3D perspective has been enabled on the measuring tool. Users can still utilize chain measurement in the 3D perspective.

6.Duplicate Material and Assets:

It’s a new feature added to Revit 2024 that can generate multiple copies of a material.

7.Cloud paths support material textures:

Cloud paths enable users to operate smoothly without the need for a local server, thereby reducing the chances of broken picture connections.

8.A new “Activate Control” option:

The Activate Control feature is available in the Modify menu. You can now disable all the icons and calculated dimensions to make them disappear.

9.Hide worksharing icons:

Users can hide the worksharing icons by unchecking the “Show Worksharing Create Editable Controls” box. Also, you can expand the arrow of the Worksets to view all the options in the Collaborate menu.

10.Element Mapping for IFC Exports:

A new update has been added to the IFC files where users can adjust the Export to IFC setting, enabling them to export specific types of elements or nothing at all. Users can also select IFC Predefined Type.

11.Replicate family parameters seamlessly:

Now, users can save a lot of time when dealing with a complicated family by replicating a parameter with just a click on the symbol given below.

12.Casework category can now join geometry:

A new join function in the casework subcategory is introduced to combine family units or connect other types, for example, walls.

13.A new “Edit Print Order” feature:

You can rearrange the pages to build your own structure or import a saved structure from the Project Browser. The “Edit Print Order” function enables users to rearrange the pages in documents.

14.“Allow Cutting in View” option for certain categories is now available:

The “Allow Cutting in Views” function can reduce categories such as furnishings, furniture systems, specialized equipment, and plumbing fittings.

15.Tag model links and Revit connections:

Tags can be attached to model groups or RVT links.

16.Temporary dimensions for all families and subfamilies:

The “Enable Dimension” option has been disabled. Now all families and subfamilies will include temporary dimensions.

17.Draw infill in 3D family diagrams:

Users can now draw infill with the help of 3D family diagrams. However, these areas will be invisible from a 3D perspective as they are generated in 2D.

18.Swap the view on the sheets:

A ‘Switch View” option appears after selecting a view on the sheet which shows different perspectives. You can swap the view with another.

19.Refine filter walls:

You can modify the filtered walls with parameters such as base constraints, base offset, and top offset.

20.Conditional formatting with “Family” and “Type” parameters:

Schedules include a ‘Family’ parameter and a ‘Type’ parameter that enables conditional formatting.

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