Ready to Profit More from Your Book?

Creating a successful marketing strategy is crucial for authors who self-publish with the aim of making a profit. Decisions about publishing and promotion, such as choosing between book fulfillment and print on demand, finding an editor, and hiring a cover designer, significantly impact how your book is perceived in the market and how potential readers discover it. Competition is tough in most genres, so making well-planned decisions is essential. Trying to work at the last minute or allowing things to go unplanned late in the process can be drawbacks. Therefore, start early and work strategically.

At first glance, print-on-demand may seem like an ideal solution as it allows you to get your book into print and make it available for sale without shouldering much financial responsibility. While it may be suitable for some self-publishers looking to make a modest profit, it’s essential to consider other options carefully if you envision your book as a source of income. Many print-on-demand services set the price for your book and pay you only a commission on each copy. If maintaining control of your business is important, conventional printing and working with a book fulfillment house could be a better fit.

Finding a book printer and fulfillment house gives you complete control over various aspects such as pricing, binding choice, trim sizes, cover enhancements, and more. Additionally, you have the flexibility to sell your book in brick-and-mortar stores, which may not be an option with print-on-demand services. Selling directly to customers provides you with their information for remarketing opportunities and future upselling. Selling your book through your website or eCommerce platform lets you keep the entire sale price, maximizing your profits.

Many authors and companies increasingly turn to direct-to-consumer sales to boost their margins. Moreover, having access to customer information is vital as it allows you to offer additional products or services and build lasting relationships. Ultimately, the decisions you make about publishing and marketing your book significantly impact its success in the marketplace. If you’ve put your heart and soul into writing and self-publishing a book, there is every reason to take the marketing and profit aspects seriously. Ultimately, no one regrets having financial success and being profitable.

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