Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the World: Top 5 of 2023

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the World: Top 5 of 2023

The YouTube channels with the most subscribers in the world change quite frequently. In this article, we will try to give you an updated ranking of those who are the most followed creators in the world on this platform. If you are looking for social media growth, then Buy YouTube Subscribers UK best place for you.

YouTube has become, in all respects, a real social network. Even if the history of this service starts from a long way back.

The app was first launched as a website way back in 2005. Especially in the beginning, YouTube was a platform where you could upload your videos to show them to the world. Today, things have changed, although the basic principle remains the same.


Even today you can upload videos to show to other users and channel subscribers, however, other dynamics have come into play. At the beginning, it was not possible to earn money through this social network.

In recent years, however, many changes have been implemented and new features have been introduced such as monetization, live broadcasts and shorts.

Finding out which YouTube channel has the most subscribers in the world will give you an idea of ​​how the great YouTubers or creators work. Browsing the ranking, you can notice how they are different from each other and how each has their own personal way of working.

Top 5 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the World

As mentioned, activity on YouTube and other social platforms has changed in recent years.

Social networks are probably one of the greatest cultural revolutions in human history. Although many will not agree, these virtual places have changed the way we think and act.

Not to mention that, thanks to the platforms, many people have had the opportunity to find work or completely reinvent themselves. In short, whether you like it or not, social media is not just a place for trivial and low-level content, on the contrary.

If you don’t stop at appearances, you can also find a lot of culture and useful information.

Let’s start with our ranking of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world and the stories behind these great results!

1. T-Series: The YouTube channel with the most subscribers in the world

The most subscribed YouTube channel in the world is Indian! India has a huge user base.

T-Series currently has a record 249 million subscribers on its channel. This channel features trailers and music videos from Bollywood movies.

In essence, it is a record label that became famous throughout the world precisely because of this record.

Fun fact: over the years, a rivalry has arisen between this channel and that of the famous YouTuber PewDiePie precisely because of this record.

2. MrBreast

MrBreast is currently in second place in the YouTube channel ranking with the most subscribers despite his young age. The American YouTuber, in fact, was born in 1998 and began his career at the age of 14.

His videos, at least at the beginning, even remained below 1000 views. But after the release of the video, I Count to 100000, the subscribers increased dramatically.

Currently, his channel has 184 million subscribers. His main content is challenges, often over the top, or videos in which he spends large sums of money in the most absurd ways.

3. Watermelon

Coco melon is an American YouTube channel that has been active since the early days of the platform. In fact, the channel, now owned by the British company Moon bug Entertainment, has been active since 2006.

In May 2016, this account for children reached 1 million subscribers. But over the past few years it has definitely exploded, reaching the current figure of 165 million subscribers.

As mentioned, this is a children’s channel. Its content is mainly 3D animated videos with nursery rhymes or original songs for the little ones.

The success of this project was so sensational that Netflix bought some of the programs for its streaming service.

4. SET India

India, as mentioned, is one of the countries with the most creators in the ranking of channels with the most subscribers on YouTube in the world. This factor, of course, depends on the Indian population which is, currently, the largest in number in the world. The advantage of having such a large audience is the possibility of reaching a number of subscribers unthinkable for other countries in the world. can you use smmstore for more followers or viewers

SET India is a channel that currently has 119 million subscribers.

SET stands for Sony Entertainment Television, a pay television network owned by Sony that offers Hindi-language entertainment.

The TV channel was launched in 1995 and only many years later the YouTube profile was opened. This, in a short time, became one of the channels with the most subscribers in the world.

SET India mainly broadcasts TV series and reality shows very often adapted for the Indian audience.

5. Kids Diana Show

In fifth place in this ranking, we find Eva Diana Kidisyuk with her project Kids Diana Show. She is a Ukrainian-American YouTuber who works with her brother Roma (born in 2012) and her parents.

Currently, the channel has 114 million subscribers worldwide. Like other channels that we will see later, Eva mainly deals with content for the little ones. In fact, she usually posts videos of children’s songs, educational entertainment and especially role-playing games.

In his already important career, he has received many awards such as a Short Awards and a Streamy Awards.

YouTube Channels with Most Subscribers in Italy: Top 3

Let’s now move on to the top 3 Italian YouTube channels with the most subscribers. As you can see, the numbers in our country are certainly lower than those of our Indian, American and South American competitors.

Of course, the main problem is the language. In fact, Italian content can only be viewed in Italy and therefore the user base is smaller.

However, as we will see, there is a nice surprise in first place!

1. Davie504: the Italian YouTube channel with the most subscribers

In first place among the Italian channels with the most subscribers on YouTube there is not Favij and there are not even Me contra te!

The first position among Italian YouTubers is occupied by Davie504 who in life is a musician and to be precise a bassist. His videos are almost all in English, precisely to overcome national borders.

Davide Biale is a boy born in 1994 in Savona. With his work he has succeeded, also thanks to his irony, skill and competence, to make the bass, usually an accompanying instrument, an entertainment instrument.

In recent years he has also collaborated with international artists such as Flea, bassist of the Red-Hot Chili Peppers. Furthermore, he is one of the few to have a partnership with EVO.

It is one of the most famous companies that produce musical instruments. In fact, it is possible to find on the market his personal signature, namely, the “Davie504 Signature” bass.

His channel currently has more than 13 million subscribers.

2. Mercuri88

In second place, we find an Italian streamer who works in the videogames sector. His videos are very often in English, precisely to reach a wider audience.

Currently, Manuel Mercuri (his real name), can count on more than 10 million subscribers to the Mercuri88 channel. Furthermore, the Roman streamer can be defined as a complete artist.

In addition to gaming, in fact, he has several passions such as dance, the world of cinema and acrobatics. Many of his videos, in fact, are challenges.

3. Born2Kill

Born2Kill is a project entirely dedicated to the world of Gaming. It is managed by two brothers, Moez and Walid, who currently have 9.19 million subscribers (the highest number of subscribers they have ever reached).

All the content, as mentioned, is video game themed. The two define themselves as professional gamers/streamers offering a lot of content with gameplay videos, especially Battle Royale.

As you have seen, there are many differences between the channels present in Italy and those in the rest of the world. The numbers speak for themselves: the differences on YouTube between our country and others are abysmal.

Much of this problem, as mentioned, is due to the language and the catchment area enjoyed by some major powers such as the USA and India.

However, if you also want to enter the world of YouTube and make millions of views and millions of users, you can read some of our tutorials on this blog. You will receive advice and information to open your successful channel and increase the number of subscribers.

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