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The account has been created and posts are published regularly on Instagram. But there are no Instagram followers or likes? With the right growth strategy, your company can gain more followers on Instagram.

If you would like to learn more about the basics of social media, you can read here before moving on to the growth strategy.

Use your competitors’ profiles.

Are you waiting for your company content to be liked? Thousands of other people on Instagram are doing the same and you can take advantage of this.

You probably also researched your competitors’ channels when creating your Instagram strategy. On their accounts, you can see which users follow the channel. These users are interested in the competitor’s product, and potentially in yours. Leave comments for the users or follow the accounts.

Remember not to spam. Respond to each post individually in the comments and follow a maximum of 50 accounts per hour. Quality always comes before quantity. Instagram reacts very quickly to repeated actions. In the worst case, this can block the company account temporarily or completely. So spread out your activities and ensure variety. This will assist you in gaining new buy Instagram followers in Singapore.

More Instagram followers: #followforfollow

The hashtag is used to increase follower growth and is very popular. There are more than 238 million posts under it (as of January 2021). If your company follows profiles under the #, that profile will follow you back. That sounds good at first. But not every subscriber on Instagram helps you achieve your company goals. The accounts are only relevant to your company in a few cases. The users have not engaged with the content of your profile and will unfollow you at the next opportunity.

Use your employees as influencers

A high number of Instagram followers and a high engagement value are extremely important, especially for influencers. They are only relevant for companies if they have the right values. This has resulted in a strategy of its own: engagement chat groups. When a new post is published, it is shared in the chat, and all members like the post and leave comments. You can also adapt this strategy for your company at the beginning of content production. Actively involve your employees by seeing them as in-house influencers. Encourage them to share content and interact with it, this will bring your company account more visibility and new Instagram followers.

A tip from us: Comments should consist of at least four words and be as different as possible. 

Use the appropriate hashtags.

Hashtags support the search function on Instagram and summarize content. Hubspot found in 2020 that an Instagram post has an average of 10.7 hashtags. Due to the high level of acceptance on the platform, the reach of a post can be increased. But it relies upon the proper use.

Hashtags with a high reach are very popular, but the competition is also greater. Hashtags with few posts that are more specific to your brand, product, or niche have less reach potential. Users who click on the # or search for it are more relevant to you.

A mix of different hashtags can be the strategy for success. Alternate the hashtags from post to post to avoid giving Instagram the impression that a bot is at work.

Respond to the individual needs of your buyer personas.

In the end, it all comes down to the content your company publishes on Instagram. You can also address the individual and self-realization needs of your Instagram followers. Allow your Instagram followers to distinguish themselves through your content, to underline a personal opinion, or to deal with emotional topics. This content is particularly popular to share in users’ stories, which can bring you new followers.

Post at the right time

Proper timing can help you increase the organic reach of your content. Use insights to find out when your target audience is online and post at those times.

Use videos for greater reach.

Instagram (and Facebook too) push video content, which can increase engagement and reach. Use high-quality, authentic videos that suit your business. With a bit of luck, high engagement on content will also get you onto the “Explore Page,” a personalized page with content that Instagram thinks the user might like, which increases reach.

Instagram introduced ” Reels ” in 2020. Based on the short video clips on TikTok, users can easily create, edit, and add music to video content in the app (note: business accounts can only use royalty-free music). Newly introduced formats are usually pushed on the platforms and, if used correctly, can increase reach.

If you want to know which formats are necessary on Instagram and Facebook, you can find out more here.

Draw attention to yourself with images and captions

Instagram is a highly visual platform. Using appropriate images is therefore essential.

The caption, i.e. the image description under the post, is unfortunately often neglected. Important information can be conveyed here. Think of each post as a little “story”. With the right storytelling, you can strengthen the relationship between the company and the user and encourage interaction with your content. Don’t forget the right call to action (CTA).

Take part in challenges or create your own

Would you like to know which social media channel is right for your company? Find out with our checklist!

Challenges are a popular tool for engaging users and generating reach. Your company can take part in a suitable challenge or create one itself. Popular formats include “30-Day Challenges,” in which users themselves post articles on given topics every day.

Challenges are also possible via Instagram stories: with templates that can be screenshotted and in which users can insert GIFs, names, or other things and tag the company. Challenges often take place in combination with competition.

Be active

Instagram rewards your account if you are active, i.e. not only publish content but also consume content yourself. Go to Instagram half an hour or an hour before you want to make a post. Use the time to comment or follow relevant accounts. After you have posted, you shouldn’t go offline straight away. The first comments want to be liked and answered. This boosts the algorithm and ensures you more Instagram followers.

Don’t be too promotional.

Of course, you can talk about how great your product is in every post. But that won’t keep users on your account for long. Advertising is not appreciated by your community or by Instagram. Instead, take a look at your buyer personas. What are their needs? What questions do they have? Use Instagram to stay in close contact with your target group and promote the community’s character. This will keep your Instagram followers loyal to you.

Use the Facebook Business Manager

You can advertise on Instagram through Facebook Business Manager (or an ad account), but you can’t optimize for likes like you do on Facebook. You can run ads with a deep link, but the prices will be relatively high. Or your content is so good that your followers increase through reach and engagement campaigns.

What you should not do is buy Instagram followers on dubious sites. These followers will disappear bit by bit, will not interact with your content (they are basically “dead”), and will certainly not become buyers. Also, keep in mind that there are tools that can be used to check your Instagram follower count (also a hot tip if you are looking to collaborate with influencers).

Organize competitions

Instagram is full of competition – and not for nothing! Competitions are a quick and relatively easy way to generate new followers. But consider this: are these users following the company account because they are convinced by the content or because they want something for free?

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Are Instagram followers really that important?

We could have started this blog post with that because this question comes up again and again. We would therefore like to conclude by taking a look at this KPI, which can probably be found in every social media strategy.

A large following makes an impression at first glance. Imagine: you have 10,000 subscribers on Instagram, but your posts have fewer than 100 likes. Do you still think the high number of subscribers is a good thing? Or wouldn’t it be more important to you that the individual posts are interacted with, or at least seen?

If your company is setting up an Instagram channel, it will of course be important for you to build a community (subscribers). However, the focus should be on your “engagement score”, i.e. how many of your subscribers have interacted with your content in a set period. This way, you can not only keep an eye on the growth of your follower base but also see how well your content is being received by the target group.

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