How to Choose a Beauty Cream?

We often hear questions like this from our clients: How do we choose the correct face beauty cream? What should you pay attention to so that the product pleases you? Many point out that in the past, they relied on recommendations from friends or beauty experts on the Internet, tried advertised cosmetic products and even took those they liked simply because of the packaging. However, as you can easily guess, the effects of use did not meet expectations in most cases. And all because such selection criteria are wrong. It’s like hitting the nail on the head – the chance of choosing a Beauty Cream that will not disappoint you is minimal.

However, approaching this task from a different angle will likely result in an excellent result. To avoid making a mistake When choosing a beauty cream, read on.

Let’s start with the basics. Why do you need Beauty Cream?

Understanding the purpose of any cosmetic product is the first and most crucial step to making the right choice. Beauty Cream is no exception. So, what is it developed and used for?

So, according to the functional purpose, Beauty Creams can be moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, sebum-regulating, whitening, refreshing, softening, tightening, anti-ageing, etc. This is one of the main criteria you should focus on when deciding which Beauty Cream to buy. Decide what you need it for and choose from the products with the appropriate functionality. Then, consider other, no less essential criteria, asking questions such as how to choose a moisturizing cream, a nourishing beauty cream, and the like.

How to choose a suitable Beauty Cream?

Taking into account, in addition to the purpose, the following:

Skin type and features.

Be sure to look on the label or in the product description for what skin type the product is suitable for:

  • Dry skin primarily requires intensive hydration, the ability of the cream to retain moisture in the skin layers (our consultants will tell you in more detail how to choose a cream for dry facial skin);
  • Oily skin has a primary need to regulate sebum production, as well as to get rid of oily shine (keep this in mind before choosing a cream for oily skin);
  • Standard – the most problem-free, but it also requires suitable cosmetic products that moderately moisturize, nourish, soften and delay the signs of ageing;
  • Combination skin is, on the contrary, the most difficult since different areas require different products (call us, and we will guide you on how to choose a cream for combination skin).

2. Age.

How do you choose the suitable Beauty Cream for your age? Consider: what is good at 20 years old will not work at 30, 40 and even more so at 50+. The opposite situation is similar: anti-ageing creams for older women are not an option for young girls because not only do they not help solve pressing problems, but they can also harm (the skin can “forget” how to renew itself since it will not have such a need with an assistant). Everything has its time.

3. Composition.

How should you choose a Beauty Cream based on its composition? The best creams combine effectiveness, naturalness, and safety.

The most notable are hyaluronic acid creams, which attract and retain water, strengthen, increase elasticity, and protect against external damaging factors.

A real find is a skin light cream with collagen. It is characterized by excellent moisture retention, oval tightening, relief smoothing, slowing ageing, and many other positive effects.

4. Time of application.

This refers to the time of day: morning or evening. Dividing creams into day and night is not a marketing ploy. It implies different effects on the skin.

5. Seasonality.

One product for the whole year is not the right approach.

Before choosing a Beauty Cream for the summer, you should understand that it should protect well from ultraviolet radiation and normalize the water balance. It should be as light as possible and not clog pores.

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