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How do you organize an office move?

Moving companies is complex without good organization. Transferring offices can become a real headache between packing and the administrative procedures to undertake. By taking action in advance and respecting all the critical steps of a company transfer, the move’s success is entirely achievable. The removal companies birmingham can request a professional to accompany it during this delicate operation.

Preparing employees for the change of office

A company move is not something that can be decided on a whim. The reasons that push decision-makers to change premises must be carefully considered and argued. Understanding the reasons for the move allows you to understand the event better, target the new premises, and make employees understand the benefits of this change.

Transparency is essential when it comes to significantly changing the working conditions of employees. Everyone will need time to prepare for the transfer and organize it. The announcement of a company transfer could cause a real psychological shock for employees when the commute to work is extended.

Employee consent is optional if the company is moving to the same geographic area or their contract includes a mobility clause. In the event of refusal, the employee will be dismissed for personal reasons. On the other hand, if the contract does not include a mobility clause and the employee refuses to follow the company, they will benefit from a dismissal procedure for economic reasons.

Set the date for the transfer of offices.

It is essential to plan a date for the company move. It will allow decision-makers to schedule operations from the preparations to the day of the significant departure. Setting the moving date is tricky because it is necessary to ensure the continuity of the business. Aiming for a period when the movers are less busy will also be required. Consumers are aware that the price of a company office removals Kings Norton increases simultaneously as demand. Ideally, it is advisable to schedule the move on a weekend, but you must have a choicecannot avoid a move on a weekday. In this case, organize a week of teleworking for all employees to not impact productivity.

To successfully move a business, you need to be forward-thinking. Anticipate anything that could complicate the job. If the company is located in the city centre, remember to ask for a parking permit from the town hall to make parking the moving trucks in front of the building easier on the day of the transfer.

Compare moving companies

Using a removal company birmingham for your office transfer is a good decision. Organizing such a transfer takes a lot of work to achieve internally, especially for a large company. You are hiring a professional to benefit from their know-how and equipment. There is less risk of delay and damage when you entrust the project to professionals whose job it is.

While it is true that the company has a budget to respect as part of its relocation, it is not advisable to rush into the cheapest moving offer. It is imperative to carefully study the options offered, whether in terms of service or insurance. To speed up the process, it is preferable to go through an online moving comparison tool. It is a very effective and easy-to-use search tool. The company will describe its project onlineby providing detailed information. The request will be sent to a few specialized moving companies so that they can establish their quote. The documents will be transferred to the customer, and it will be up to them to choose.

Define your moving schedule.

Generally speaking, the company will have 180 days to prepare for its move. The schedule will then start from submitting a notice of departure to the lessor six months before the moving date. This relatively long periodwill allow decision-makers to communicate internally, to collect employees’ wishes regarding the new premises and to manage any reservations and objections. The company will also have time to carry out work in the new premises and to organize visits with employees so that they can better understand their future offices. One month before the departure date, the company will complete the administrative procedures relating to the move, the transfer of telephone and internet lines and the computer data backup.

The rest of the operations depend on the moving formula chosen by the company. If it opts for a standard or economical formula, employees must carry out the packing themselves. They will then be given boxes and labels to identify their contents. The packing is entrusted to the professional if it is a complete moving formula. However, employees will have to take care of their personal effects. Everything will be ready to be loaded into the moving trucks the day before the move. The movers will come at the agreed time and take care of handling, transport and delivery to the new address.

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