How to Print Checks in Quickbooks

Streamline Your Payments: Easy Check Printing with QuickBooks

Printing checks is a crucial task for many small and medium-sized businesses. QB is a software that helps individuals track income, expenses, accounts receivable, and payable using this application. It helps people print checks from QB applications, which provides a convenient way to manage business payments.

In this blog, we will share instructions about printing checks from QB, you have to follow all instructions correctly to learn how to Print Checks from QuickBooks.

Why do you need to Print Checks from the QuickBooks Application?

Printing checks from QuickBooks offers an effective way to maintain business payments. Here are some benefits of printing checks from the application.

  • QuickBooks saves time by integrating financial functions within the software.
  • This application can reduce errors associated with manual check writing.
  • Links check details seamlessly with accounting records.
  • It helps to enhance the professional image of the business.
  • With this application, your money is secure from electronic payments fraud.

How to print Checks from QBs Software

Here is a list of several steps that help to learn how to print checks from this software.

Step 1 – Quickbooks Set Up For Print Checks

  • If you will start to print checks, first you will need to complete the print check set to ensure that your printer and your checks are lined up correctly.
  • You can print your checks using it, but they must be formatted for QuickBooks or order QB-compatible checks from Intuit.

Step 2 – Add Checks to the Print Queue

  • While recording a new check, choose the ‘Print later’ checkbox or ‘Print check’ option.
  • Adds these options to the print queue. Afterward, you can print multiple checks at once.

Step 3 – Print Multiple Checks from the Print Queue

Before starting to follow the steps that are given below, you need to go to the print setup option and mention your check type.

  • First, you will need to open the Print Setup option from the QuickBooks application.
  • Click on the ‘+ New’ option.
  • Then you can choose ‘Print Checks’.
  • Loads your checks in the print setup.
  • Afterward, you can choose the checking account from which you want to issue the check.
  • In the initializing check number field, mention the number of the first check loaded into your printer.
  • Then you can choose the ‘Checkbox’ next to each check you want to print.
  • Before printing on your real check stock, you have to click on the ‘Preview and Print’ option.
  • Then create a test print on plain paper. It allows you to verify alignment.
  • If everything is correct for the print check, now you can click on the ‘Print’ button to finalize the process.
  • If your checks print correctly, then you can press the ‘Done’ option.

Troubleshooting and Tips for Printing Checks from QuickBooks

If you are facing problems in printing checks from QuickBooks, like alignment issues or printing problems, follow these troubleshooting steps and tips.

  • Select check stock with security features like watermarks and micro-printing to prevent fraud.
  • To avoid printing issues, make sure your printer is compatible with QuickBooks and Check Stock.
  • Check the settings of your printer and make sure they match the specifications of your check stock and QuickBooks.
  • Update your printer drivers to the newest version compatible with your device.
  • If you facing problems regularly with the QuickBooks application, so contact QB Customer Support or consult online forums for guidance.
  • Keep the QuickBooks application updated to access the security patches and newest features.
  • Balance digital records of all printed checks for reference purposes.


Printing checks from this application easy your accounting process of the management of combination payments with financial records. By following the steps outlined in this blog and staying active with updates and safety measures, you can make sure of accurate check printing for your business.

Remember to reconcile your accounts regularly and save backups of all accounting transactions for audit and compliance purposes. With QuickBooks, finance management becomes not just a task but a streamlined part of your business operations. 

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