How to Gain Followers on Instagram: 2024 Guide

How to Gain Followers on Instagram: 2024 Guide

Social media continues to be a powerful channel for companies to connect with their customers. Today, more than 200 million businesses worldwide use Instagram. Instagram is the second most used social media platform in the US after Facebook, with more users than TikTok, X, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Even now Instagram followers are not allowed. Algorithms can be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to fast-tracking. But there are tried-and-true best practices. Read on to learn how you can invest in social media to gain more followers on Instagram.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram:

Getting more followers on Instagram is crucial to promoting your account and increasing sales of your business. In many ways, reaching your audience is as much about understanding the signals you’re sending to Instagram’s algorithm as it is about doing cool things. Here are 10 steps you can take to make sure your Instagram account is set up successfully.

1. Plan and organize your content:

Start by creating a content calendar where you plan what you will publish and when. Consistency is important here. If you only post occasionally, you’re unlikely to show up in your following. This leads to a decrease in interactions such as liking, commenting, and sharing. Low engagement can indicate to Instagram that your content isn’t relevant, making you less likely to be recommended to new users through their feeds or search pages.

If you’ve never created a posting schedule before, start small with a monthly calendar. Choose several days of the week and several message types. Maybe you post a certain type of content on a certain day of the week or go to your Instagram feed at a certain time each week. You don’t need to be online all the time; you just need a program that allows compatibility.

2. Edit your company profile:

Whether you are an online brand or a physical store, having a business Instagram profile is crucial. If you create an account without setting it up as a business profile, you’ll never see Instagram analytics that will help you see how your account is performing. Fortunately, it’s easy to edit your business profile in the app.

Once you have a business account, you’ll want to change your username, display name, and bio. Your username and screen name should include the easy-to-find name of your app (or a version of it). Avoid abbreviations and abbreviations that your customers won’t know how to look for.

3. Use Instagram Stories, Reels, and Live stream:

Days ago Instagram was just a photo-sharing app. Some of the most successful things on Instagram today are Reels, which are short videos similar to TikToks. Uploading video content is a way to gain visibility on the Instagram Explore page, which can get you in front of new people.

Instagram Stories works best for quick, real-time videos that aren’t as well edited or polished as those in Re-Feed Reels. The same goes for Instagram Live. In any case, you can:

Provide a background view of the store.

Give a day in the life of an employee.

Create product announcements.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

There are endless possibilities for video content.

4. Prioritize shared content:

One of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is to get your followers to share your posts. Every time someone hits the share button on one of your posts, it not only spreads your work to others but also sends a signal to Instagram’s algorithm that your content is relevant. When planning your Instagram content, think about what you can post to get your followers excited enough to recommend them to their friends.

5. Use hashtags and local tags:

Using relevant tags can make your content more relevant to your audience. When people engage with the same hashtags you use on other devices, Instagram is more likely to show them your posts. 

Location features can be very useful for local businesses and stores. For example, if someone is looking for a new haircut, they can search for a hair salon in their city to have a geotagged top sent to them nearby.

6. Interaction with other accounts:

Getting noticed on Instagram is about more than just posting; you also need to work with other accounts. For example, local stores can respond to products from nearby businesses or cooperate with them on delivery.

Reaching out to sponsors or creators in your niche with products or samples is another way to share your account with new people. It’s also fun to reply to your posts or like comments.

7. Share the user experience:

Another way to connect and engage with your followers is to share user-generated content (UGC) on your account. For example, if you own a bakery and one of your customers tags your business in a photo of a cake they ordered, you can post it to your Instagram Story and share it with your followers. It’s an easy way to build your brand online without creating content yourself.

8. View your account anywhere:

Promote your Instagram account as often as possible. If you have a store, you can use the book to get a QR code that directs you to your Instagram account. You can also incorporate social media into your business cards, website, signage, and other marketing materials.

9. Request a check:

This shows users that you are a real account, which builds trust. Instagram requires a verified account with a public profile that belongs to a reputable company.

If you decide to get an Instagram logo, make sure you are happy with the name you use. Once verified you cannot change it.

10. Add your posts as Instagram ads:

You have the opportunity to “promote” your posts with a professional profile on Instagram. Just change the text of your ad and Instagram will show it to your followers for free. If you have a marketing budget and want to prioritize social media growth, consider boosting your Instagram posts. It’s easy because you don’t have to create new ads.

How to Connect with Existing Instagram Followers:

You won’t be able to grow your Instagram account if you’re losing followers at the same rate as you’re adding new followers. So it’s important to stay informed. Much of the advice above applies here, too. You should also respond to direct messages (DMs) and try to do things like surveys.

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