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The eyeglasses you choose are not just a way to correct your vision. They’re also a fashion statement that defines and frames your facial features. Finding the right pair of eyeglasses can be overwhelming, with so many styles and shapes to choose from. Understanding your face’s shape is important. You can feel more confident by choosing glasses that compliment your features.

Understanding Your Face Shape

The first thing you need to do to choose the best eyeglasses for your face is identify it. This is a guide to the most popular shapes.

  • Oval: The most versatile of all face shapes, the oval has balanced proportions and a forehead that is slightly larger than its jawline. Most eyeglasses styles flatter oval faces.
  • Square: A round face has soft curves and no sharp angles. Choose eyeglasses that have angular frames like square or rectangular styles to give your face definition.
  • Round: Round faces are characterized by a wide forehead and strong jawline. To soften angles, choose eyeglasses that have softer curves.
  • Heart-shaped: Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a wide forehead and a narrower chin. To create balance, choose eyeglasses that have a larger bottom frame. Cat-eye and aviator frames are good examples.
  • Large: A long face is characterized by prominent eyebrows and a large jawline. Choose eyeglasses that have horizontal and wider frames to shorten your face.
  • Diamond: Diamond faces are characterized by a narrow forehead, chin and prominent cheekbones. This shape can be enhanced by wearing cat-eye or aviator styles that add width to the top portion of the facial structure.

Discover the ideal frame to flatter your facial features.

Let’s look at specific frames that flatter your features now that you have a better idea of your face shape:

  • For oval-shaped faces: It has been said that the best eyeglasses are for those with an oval face. Try out different styles, from the classic rectangular to fashionable cat-eyes. Avoid frames with too narrow or small dimensions that may look disproportionate on you.
  • Round faces: The key to round faces is balance. Consider rectangular or square frames to add definition and lengthen your face. Avoid frames with circular shapes that can make your face appear rounder.
  • Square faces: Use eyeglasses with curved lines to soften the strong jawline. A more balanced appearance can be achieved with round, oval or wayfarer frame styles. Avoid frames with a squared or angular shape that will make your face look even more defined.
  • Faces with a heart-shaped shape: Frames that are larger at the bottom will draw attention to the narrower forehead while balancing the chin. The best choices are cat-eye frames or those with a slightly round bottom. Avoid frames with a narrow profile or pointed corners that will emphasize your upper face.
  • Faces with Long Features: Shorten the face visually by wearing eyeglasses which have horizontal and wider lines. A more balanced appearance can be achieved with oversized or wayfarer styles. Avoid frames with vertical accents or narrower frames that can elongate the face.
  • For Diamond Faces: To add width to your upper face and soften cheekbones by using frames with a wide top bar like cat-eye or aviator styles. Diamond faces can benefit from rimless glasses. Avoid frames with narrow widths that draw attention to the middle of your face.

Additional considerations

When choosing glasses, the face shape should be considered. But it is not all that matters. Keep in mind these additional factors:

  • Eyebrowline: How your eyebrows appear can be affected by the position they are in relation to your eyeglasses. People with lower brows may benefit from glasses with a high bridge in order to appear less droopy.
  • Colours for Skin Tones: When choosing a frame, consider your skin tones. Gold, tortoiseshell, and bronze frames look best on warmer skin tones, whereas silver, black or blue frames are better for cooler tones.
  • Lifestyle: When choosing eyeglasses, consider your lifestyle. Choose a frame that is lightweight, durable and made of plastic or titanium if you are an active person. If you’re working in a professional environment, choose a clean and classic style.

Try On!

The best way to discover the right pair of glasses is to test them out! You can browse a large selection of frames at most reputable optical shops. Play around with different frame shapes and colours. Ask the opticalist for advice.

Are you looking for an alternative to contact lenses?

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